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Overview of the Bundles of Love

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In order for affordability, the cost of empowerment is low. 

At each step there is an opportunity to earn through recommendations, in order to be able to afford the next bundle.

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Bundle I

Cost to Play is Free.

All I ask for is a Honesty Contribution ranging from £9 |$14

Link below to order

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Bundle II

Telling Your Story takes 4 to 6 weeks from beginning to completion.

Cost £120 one-time payment with a complimentary Box of Gourmet Coffee. 

3 x monthly payment available (Ask).

Click below to Enrol or private message me for payment options. 

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Bundle III

Inclusive of the Empowerment mini toolkit, Tell Your Story Book, which is your manual for the game.  You will be equipped with the Empowerment Game which is made to order.

Your unique game, will take 6 weeks to be delivered and will be posted by the Creator of the Game.

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