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Nurturing Seedlings Begins Here

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[Turning Complexity Into Simplicity]


with Anthea xo

Spiritual Mentorship

To embrace the fullness of who we are, is an inside job.  No one can tell us to do that.  Energetically our world is now ready to empower the soul to flourish & blossom.  It is now safe to talk about feelings and to express ourselves.   


From birth I knew I was here to solve a huge problem in our world.  The problem of Compassion.  How do we live Authentically expressing the core of our being?  


A Universal Global Solutionthe No. 1 Empowerment Toolkit In The World.  This Create Your Kit through Story & Play is a 'Gift Back To Humanity'.  Transformational Clarity heals, transmutes, transcends, empowers & unites; and is intergenerational. A Legacy for our future generations.  how to:get:her we transformed our world through re~igniting the heart of compassion.


​​​​​​​Born in the UK, from humble beginnings, my life has been dedicated to serving others | Volunteer, Care Assistant, Social Worker, Lecturer, Manager, Assessor, Social Enterprise Expert, Social Entrepreneur, Counsellor, Author, Game Creator,  Healer & Ambassador of Change.  


​​​​​​​Turning Complexity into Simplicity through Authenticity & Truth. Uniting Oneness.  I welcome you to co~create to accomplish this Transformation.  We begin with Our Story.  

Meet Anthea
Why Spiritual Mentorship?

Why Spiritual Mentorship?

It can help with


Being in the presence of someone who has been there allows the soul to flow.

Crystalline Focus

As highly sensitive/empaths it is so easy to lose sight of ourselves.


Speaking out our truth through voice is the vibration needed on earth to transmute suffering.

The Rising of Divine Feminine

We have ushered in a new world of energies.  Tools of empowerment  and transformation for our ascension are required to bridge this transition.  Nurturing our inner truth. To:get:her.

Energy Re~balance

Health Awareness is essential when raising our vibration & maintaining balance.

Reducing Stress

Sickness in the body begins here. Reduce stress, improve your life (220 Natural Remedies)

"Many Times You Felt Alone ~ 

You Were Awaiting This Moment".

Anthea Fenton

We empower wo(men) who struggle with:

  • identifying your own needs because you are busy caring for everyone else, your compass to include you needs a reset;

  • finding your identity;

  • self confidence, self worth & self value, just not sure if you ever had them;

  • self love, self esteem & self care;

  • knowing what you bring to this world;

  • being ~ so busy doing, you struggle who to BE.

  • aloneness, isolation, confusion and overwhelm

  • multi-tasking and feeling lost.

To achieve with ease & flow:

  • self confidence, self value & self belief;

  • the re-ignition of a spark of inner wisdom & divinity;

  • the truth about yourself from your perspective;

  • a voice to reveal and claim your true self;

  • a renewed zest and passion for life and living;

  • a purpose and mission;

  • crystalline clarity of a plan of action;

  • laser focus of your true heart's calling;

  • balance to see the horizon

By Recognising the Bridge of Transition

Step 1: Book An Alignment Consultation To Discover If The Universal Gifts of Empowerment Can Help To Empower You by:

~ Identifying the area of Imbalance

~ Your Biggest Challenge right now 

~ The Area of Life You Want To Improve? 

We co-create a plan of Compassionate Action Steps. 


Through Compassionate Action Transformation unfolds.

The gifts of presence ignite the emergence of your essence.

Permission to reveal the hidden aspects of you, illuminates your light throughout aspects of your life such as time, health, wealth, personal growth, hopes & dreams, legacy & contribution.



"Privileged to encounter and spend time with Anthea for a few weeks, she volunteered time to assist me in my home. I live with a disability. Words are not adequate to communicate the profound impact her presence had on me. We shared time together, the greatest gift anyone can offer another. I felt deeply nourished in my heart and soul. Resulting in a shift in health and wellbeing that has propelled my healing. A person you can be with in your difficulty & feel no shame, someone whom you can be open & truly yourself with is a healer. I am deeply grateful to Anthea for her gift that touched my life".

Eugene O'Riordan, Eire.


Begin Here | Nourish~Flourish ~Blossom

 3 Steps to Turn Complexity Into Simplicity

Begin here!

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Step 1: Nourish
Apply to Co-create Below

Empower In An Hour

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Step 2: Flourish
Empowerment Mini Toolkit [Send & Play]
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Step 3: Blossom  
Discover The Power of Tell Your Story 

Tell Your Story

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